RAJ is the largest Japanese arcade gaming event in America. Starting as an 11 person event held in a garage, RAJ has grown into one of the largest rhythm gaming events in the country. We strive to bring that growth to the FGC as well, and become the major they deserve. Whether you are looking for competition with some of the best in the country, or a relaxing environment to spend with your friends, this is the event for you.


RAJ will feature over 20 tournaments with a focus on rhythm game and fighting game communities. Expecting over 150 entrants for our most popular tournaments, this will be our largest year yet!


While RAJ focuses on tournaments, there are multiples of our most popular games, and with over 90 machines total, we plan to always have something for everyone to do, even if you don't plan to enter a single tournament!


Unfortunately RAJ has somehow outgrown our garage, and as such we have moved the event to the Hyatt Regency Columbus. We feel the space will allow us to do more than we ever dreamed of from this event.