Organizer: Matt Simmons
Entry Fee: $5
Split: 60/30/10

People are seeded based on total score between both the qualifiers. Double elimination. Song choice format is pick-pick-random. You may not pick a song that you’ve already picked earlier in the tournament. Top seed either gets song choice (first or second) or machine choice (left or right).

Song choices for each round:

- 15 to 18 for the first round
- 16 to 19 for the second round
- 17 to 20 for the third round
- 18+ for the rest of the tournament fourth round on

If there are less than four rounds due to attendance, this will be shortened accordingly, eliminating the easier song choice ranges.

Any options that don’t include mirror or random are allowed, including excessive, lane colors, judgment position, etc.

A person is allowed any song that they are able to choose provided it lands in the difficulty range of that round. Any song can be chosen with the exception of Policy Break songs.

The following are current Policy Break songs and cannot be chosen: [Vallis-Neria, I’m so Happy, Babel next story, koi hadou?, playing with Fire, true blue, Sakura mirage, aka to ao no rampage, dadadadadadada, onigami, deep sea lindwurm, dopamine, vajra, oduro fever robo, jomanda, boss rush, koiuta shippuu, rebellio, we go down, concerto in blue, glitter flatter scatter, cobalt, hymn, rhyzing beat, evans, chrono diver pendulums, echidna, theme of ricerca, monolith, chloe and be a hero]

Final four is round robin format, 3 out of 5 for each round. Top seed gets either song choices (first/fourth or second/third) or machine choice. Format is subject to change based on time.

Please note, all rules are subject to change as the event grows closer. Please continue to check back to this page for changes.


To enter this tournament please see your registration email.