Organizer: Darius
Entry Fee: $5
Split: 60/30/10


General Format
Before the tournament, each contestant will submit, on index cards, song picks within the allowed difficulty range (details below). Contestants will pick one song Level 8 or 9 EXT and three songs Level 10, any difficulty. From these cards, two songs will be chosen at random each round. After a song is chosen, it is crossed off of the card, which is then returned to the lottery. Every contestant will play the two songs for that round, after which their scores will be added together for their final score for the round.

At the end of each round, the contestants will be ranked from highest total score for the round to lowest total score for the round, and the bottom half of the contestants will receive a strike. A contestant is eliminated when they have gained two strikes. Then, two new songs will be chosen from the cards and used for the next round.

These rounds continue until four contestants are left remaining. In the final round, each contestant will pick a song, and each contestant will play all four songs as their set. For each song, the highest score is awarded 4 points, second highest 3 points, and so on. After all four songs have been played, the points will be tallied, and the contestant with the most points wins.

-No contestants are eliminated in the first round.
-Contestants eliminated from the tournament will have their cards removed from the song pick lottery.
-Following the first round, contestants will play their sets in order from highest-ranked contestant to lowest-ranked contestant from the previous round.
-In the event of a round with an odd number of contestants, the bottom half will be rounded down – e.g. if there are seven contestants in a round, the bottom three will receive strikes.
-If strikes in the Semifinal Round causes fewer than four contestants to be remaining, the contestants with the top four total scores for the round will proceed to the Final Round, regardless of strikes.
-The TO reserves the right to disqualify any contestant for absence.
-Difficulty Ranges for Song Picks
-Only EXT charts will be played for Levels 8 and 9. All Level 10 charts (BSC/ADV/EXT) are legal. There are no restrictions on Hold charts.

1st Round through 3rd Round: Level 8 and Level 9
4th Round through Semifinal Round: Level 9 and Level 10
Final Round: Level 10

Please note: some songs have had their difficulties lowered between Qubell and Clan. Since this tournament will be run on Clan machines, the tournament will abide by Clan difficulties. Please review the difficulty changes here

Please note, all rules are subject to change as the event grows closer. Please continue to check back to this page for changes.


To enter this tournament please see your registration email.