pop'n music

Organizer: Bo Chean
Entry Fee: $5
Split: 60/30/10


-No qualifiers.
-Gauntlet until top 8, then bracket.
-Machine (or “money”) score will be used for all phases of the tournament.
-No Usaneko (24) songs will be allowed for tournament play. Only Eclale (23) and prior.

Pre-top 8 Gauntlet

No qualifiers - everyone is immediately thrown into the gauntlet. Each round, everybody will play the same two songs, and those scoring in the bottom half will be eliminated.

Process for each round (repeat until 8 players remain):
-Each round has two level ranges (see below). Each player is allowed to pick 1 song within each of the level ranges, for a total of 2 song picks.
-From each level range, 1 song pick will be randomly drawn, for a total of 2 songs. Every player must play those 2 songs.
-Each player’s two scores will be combined, and players will be ranked by their combined scores. Players in the bottom half will be eliminated.

Round level ranges (all inclusive):
-First round: 34-36 and 37-40
-Second round: 41-43 and 44-47

Top 8 Bracket

The remaining 8 players will be seeded into a double elimination bracket based on their cumulative score across all rounds of the gauntlet phase.

Each bracket match is best of 3 songs. Songs will be randomly selected using card draw. Song wins will be decided by score. The first player to win 2 songs is the winner of the match.

Each player will get their own machine, and they will play the songs at the same time.

Process for each match:
-The higher seed will choose between first machine pick or veto order control. The lower seed will get the other choice.
-The machine picker will pick their machine. Then, the veto order controller will decide who vetoes first.
-5 songs will be randomly selected within the current round’s level range (see below).
-The first vetoer will veto 1 song. Then, the second vetoer will veto 1 song. The remaining 3 songs will be used for the best-of-3 match.
-Players will play the songs in card draw order, at the same time.

The following changes will take effect for top 3:
-Best-of-5 instead of best-of-3. 9 songs will be randomly selected. Each player will veto 2 songs. (First vetoer vetoes 2, then the second vetoer vetoes 2.) The remaining 5 songs will be used for the best-of-5 match.

Round level ranges (all inclusive):
-First round (until top 6): 46-48
-Second round (until top 3): 47-49
-Top 3: 48-50

Please note, all rules are subject to change as the event grows closer. Please continue to check back to this page for changes.


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